The duoGL now have a new project: DIALOGUE. The musicians want to rethink the relationship between the public and the artists, to create a collaboration to program the concerts. The principle is to bring chamber music back into the living rooms and let listeners vote on what they want to hear during concerts.


It is in the corridors of the Haute Ecole de Musique de Neuchâtel that we meet for the first time. Our paths separate for a while, each one going to pursue her studies in other countries, but the idea of meeting again one day remains in each mind. This is how our duoGL was born in June 2016, eager to make each of our instruments vibrate again in an intimate formation, while offering by their immense range, a multitude of possibilities.

After two and a half years of intensive work and concerts, three types of projects have gradually emerged and we are keen to develop them today.

One is called DIALOGUE. It brings together very different works, each illustrating in its own way the theme of the exchange between the two voices of our instruments. A recording is being prepared for this project involving composers Bach, Honneger, Vasks and Halvorsen.

In parallel, in 2018, we launched our first salon concerts and therefore went to meet our audience directly at home, also offering them the possibility to choose the programme they wanted to listen to. It is an adventure that we are committed to pursuing, in order to be able to forge ever closer ties with those who follow us.

Finally, the plurality of the arts. In 2017, we had the great pleasure of sharing the stage with the actor and director of the Théâtre du Passage in Neuchâtel, Robert Bouvier, based on texts by Maurice Bavaux, a native of Neuchâtel. The summer of 2018 saw the birth of another show "Voici que l'esprit vole", uniting us with two young actors, Alexandre Risso and Martin Jaspar, around Arthur Rimbaud's poems. Mixing the arts is an immense source of inspiration and has opened a new and beautiful window for us.

We are happy to be able to offer you ever more treasures and we look forward to new adventures to come with you.